Shipment information

Marcos Mondovì S.r.l. effects shipments in Italy and in the entire world, by selecting the carrier in base to the destination of the commodity and the weight of the packages.
The client will be informed about the carrier's name and the tracking number with the aim of locating the package.

We send your order within 24 hours and the delivery normally happens in the following working day. If for any reason we didn't succeed in sending your order within 48 hours you will be informed of the delay.
The consignment in Italy is free for orders superior to 250€, while for inferior expenses the cost is of 15 €.

Out of Italy

The free shipment is guaranteed for dispatches up to 250 €.
In the case of inferior value an additional cost will be applied:

  • Europe (including United Kingdom and Switzerland) : 15 €

  • USA and Canada : 20 €

  • Rest of the world: 30€

However, any customs duties are carriage forward. 

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